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Smart cities

Cities around the world are growing and developing, and with the usage of smart technologies, they are becoming more efficient and citizen-friendly, providing quality urban services and a higher quality of life. New services are available, operating costs are reduced and energy is saved.

With our partner, Itron, one of the leading smart cities technology providers, we help you develop cities or local environments that are more efficient and ecological. With Itron's multifunctional platform that will connect many smart devices and applications to get a variety of data, we make your life easier and reduce your costs.

Smart cities offer many benefits for improving the quality of life.


The consumption of electricity, water and gas is optimized and offers more environmentally friendly life.


Urban garbage is well managed and greater awareness exists, that we need to produce less garbage.


Traffic is managed to reduce congestion, to increase road safety and to save lives.


The safety of the population is increased (gas leaks, impending earthquakes and fires are detected).


City and street lighting is improved for greater safety and energy savings.

Learn more about smart cities at Itron

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