Electricity meters

Advanced metering and efficient power management

We offer engineering in the field of energy and public infrastructure with an emphasis on the use of IoT solutions.

We find the right solution for you, tailor it to your needs and provide highly professional support throughout the life cycle of the project. We perform benchmarking analyzes of comparable systems and conditions of use from the reference countries in the European Union and North America.

We offer products and support in electricity metering business and sell security seals and rugged mobile devices. We also offer integrated solutions for smart cities and smart energy networks with focus on alternative communication infrastructure Wi-Sun.

Electricity meters


Itron's electricity meters provide the measuring accuracy, robustness and good control over electricity consumption and production. Your measurement data may be used simultaneously by the distribution company and the owners of facilities, buildings and production units.

Communication devices

Together with our partner, we design, develop, and manufacture standardized of tailor made high-quality IoT communication devices and solutions.

Security seals


Provide control over unauthorized access to the metering parts of electricity, gas and water meters, or prevent unauthorized replacement of meters.

You can also seal other valuable items e.g. safe, cash bag, container, cargo in the truck and more.

Rugged mobile devices


Dust, moisture, rain, cold, or other unpleasant work condition should not interfere with your work. Keep your mobile device safe and secure.

Smart cities


We adapt key city services to the modern way of life, thus improving your quality of life.

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