Electricity meters

We offer you a complete engineering in the field of electricity metering. We are able to advise, supply, install and configure meters with accompanying measuring, communication and other equipment, including software for measuring data management.

Our measuring equipment provides you with the required measuring accuracy, robustness and reliability to control the flow of electricity properly. Electricity meters, supplied by global company Itron, are used by the most demanding users in the industry and distribution networks throughout  Europe and North America.

Itron was founded in 1977 with the aim of developing the first electricity meters as quickly as possible. Nowadays, a highly innovative company with more than 1400 active patents, around 9000 employees in 18 regions in 62 locations, enables electricity, gas and water distributors and large cities in more than 100 countries to safely and efficiently manage important infrastructure. Learn more about the company at www.itron.com.

Itron SL7000 DTM - Distribution Transformer Monitoring 

Itron's C&I electricity meter with Rogowski coils can be used for voltage management, tamper analysis and asset management.

Large measurement range:

Inherent by design, the DTM meter provides accuracy over the entire current range of the transformer. Using Rogowski coils, the range of  current measurement of the DTM is from 30A to 3000A per phase.

Ease of installation:
The DTM solution can be commissioned on an existing powered  installation. The DTM meter is installed on the transformer. Its three independent current sensors and voltage taps allow accurate easurement without sacrificing security.

- No service interruption
- Secured solution
- Optimized cost
- Small installation footprint
- Outstanding accuracy from 30A to 3000A
- Installation in under 30 minutes

Itron SL7000 - Industrial & Substation Electricity Meter

Itron’s ACE SL7000 meter range offers a solution for all industrial and substation applications. Equipped with flexible communication technology combined with elements of traditional C&I metering, the ACE SL7000 meter range offers the versatility and flexibility required to meet today’s rapidly changing markets.

ACE Sparklet - Communication device

The ACE Sparklet modem is dedicated to large-scale industrial and commercial applications, where easy installation and optimised cost are key. 

Extremely compact, the ACE Sparklet can be fully integrated under the terminal cover of the meter ensuring a fully secured solution, diminishing the risk of external fraud.

Data transfer can be done through GSM/GPRS, PSTN or ethernet.
Firmware and configuration files are upgradable locally or remotely

Learn more about the meters on Itron's website. 

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