About us

In the company Meter Ing, Ltd., we offer engineering in the field of energy and public infrastructure with an emphasis on the use of IoT solutions. In the beginning, we were focused on metering engineering, especially representing and providing complete solutions in the field of electricity measurement. Now, in addition to electricity meters, we also offer a wide variety of security seals and rugged smart devices.

In recent years, we have expanded our business including new highly qualified employees. We are focusing on providing complete solutions for smart cities and smart energy grids.

Our team consists of experienced specialists that have knowledge in Economics, Electrical Engineering and IT.

Business card

METER ING., metering engineering, Ltd.
Tehnološki park 24
1000 Ljubljana

Vat number: SI 50091565

Phone: +386 599 43 826

Mobile: +386 41 370 113

Email: info@metering.si

Web site: www.metering.si

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